Are there any limits on the number of rows I can merges?

This article details the limits associated with the free version of the Mail Merge add-on, as well as the limits imposed by Google on Gmail and Google Docs usage.

Mail Merge Limits

*Subject to Google-imposed limits (see below).

Google Limits: Emails

If you send hundreds of emails in one go, Gmail may throw an error at you; this is Gmail's way of trying to discourage spamming.

You should also be aware of Gmail Sending Limits.

Therefore, the following workarounds are suggested:

  • You can track merged rows so you know which emails have been sent before the error occurs; this way, on the next merge you can continue sending emails where you left off.

  • From Google Docs only:

    • You can schedule emails so that you spread them out over time, rather than sending them all in one go.

    • You can send emails over SMTP using third-party SMTP providers (such as SendGrid), using your own SMTP server or using other email accounts from Yahoo!, Microsoft, etc. You can also send emails over Gmail's SMTP; this would give you an additional 500 emails per day.

Google Limits: Letters

When you merge more than 100 pages into a single document, you may run into errors as Google Docs are not designed to handle huge content. Hence, we suggest you merge in batches.