Personalized PDF File Attachments

How do I add personalized PDF file attachments to my emails?

This article describes how to create personalized PDF file attachments for each data row, enabling both the file attachment and the email body to be personalized to each email recipient.

From the Google Docs Add-on

Step 1

In Google Docs, click Show Email Settings in the Mail Merge sidebar.

This will open the email settings menu, which contains options to use your document template as a gmail PDF attachment with mail merge.

Step 2

Click the Send Doc as PDF Attachment checkbox.

This enables you to mail merge a PDF email attachment, rather than using your document template as the email body.

Step 3

Click Write Email Body.

This will open the Email Body Template dialog box where you can write the email body to send with your mail merge PDF attachment.

Step 4

Create your email body template.

This is the email body that will be sent along with your personalized mail merge PDF attachment.

Step 5

Insert *|merge fields|* into your email body template by clicking in the desired location within the template, selecting a field from the Merge Field drop-down and clicking Add.

Repeat this step for all required *|merge fields|*.

*|Merge fields|* are the column names found in the first row of data in your Google Sheet. You can change the font, color, size, etc. of the *|merge fields|* in your email body template in the same way you would regular text. You can further customize your email body template by adding images and hyperlinks.

Step 6

Click Save to apply changes.

Step 7

Click Set Filename.

This will open the Attachment's Filename dialog box where you can select a filename for your mail merge PDF attachment for gmail.

Step 8

Select an option from the drop-down:

  • Same for all emails will set a static filename, which will be the same for all PDF email attachments from mail merge.

  • Merge from column will set a *|merge field|* filename, which enables a different filename to be set for each personalized PDF attachment from mail merge.

Step 9

Choose a filename for your file attachment:

  • Enter a filename for same for all emails.

  • Select a *|merge field|* from the drop-down for merge from column.

The option you select will be used as the filename to send your mail merge PDF attachment.

Step 10

Click Save to apply changes.

This will save the filename settings for your personalized mail merge PDF attachments.

Static Filename

Merge Field Filename

Step 11

Select Emails under Merge To and then press the Merge button.

This will start the process to email mail merge with PDF attachments.

From the Google Slides Add-on

To mail merge with personalized PDF attachments from Google Slides, please refer to this article.