Email Templates in HTML

How do I edit the HTML and CSS for an email body?

This article describes how to mail merge using HTML email templates in Google Sheets. Third-party HTML editors (such as Mailchimp) are useful for creating email templates for marketing campaigns, newsletters, notifications etc. where greater control of the email layout is desirable. The email template's HTML & CSS Code can then be dumped into the email body when merging to emails.

Available From the Google Sheets Add-on Only

Step 1

In Google Sheets, click New under Body Template in the Mail Merge dialog box.

Step 2

Click the Code button to open code view.

Step 3

Enter the code from your chosen third-party HTML editor in the code box.

You can also give your email template a name.

NOTE: Design view does not reflect the HMTL code inputted in code view. To see how your email will appear prior to sending, follow the steps below.

Step 4

Insert *|merge fields|* into your email body template by typing them directly into the code box.

Repeat this step for all required *|merge fields|*.

*|Merge fields|* are the column names found in the first row of data in your Google Sheet. You can further customize your template by adding images, file attachments and hyperlinks.

NOTE: The Add Merge Field drop-down cannot be used in code view.

Step 5

Click Save to apply changes.

Step 6

Adjust the email settings according to your preferences and then click Send Test.

This will send a test email to an email address of your choice, so that you can see how your email will appear prior to sending.

Step 7

Once you are happy with the appearance of your email marketing campaign, click Merge Emails to send your emails.