Email on Insertion of a New Row

How to automatically send an email when a new row is inserted?

 This article describes how to set up automatic email responses so that an email notification is sent each time a new row is inserted into a Google sheet containing Google Forms responses (e.g., on future Google Form Submits).

Available from Google Sheets 

Step 1: Start Mail Merge add-on

From your Google form response sheet, start Mail Merge add-on by clicking on Extensions > Mail Merge > Start to open the Mail Merge dialog box.

NOTE: Alternatively, you can set up automatic email notifications in Google Forms by following the steps in this article.

Step 2: Click New

Click on New in the Body Template field.

Step 3: Create email body

Create your email body and insert your *|merge fields|*, if required.

Step 4: Click Save

Click on Save to apply the changes.

Step 5: Edit settings

Edit the following settings as required:

Step 6: Select Send email automatically 

Select Send email automatically from the On a Google Form Submit drop-down menu.

Step 7: Click Save

Click on Save to apply the changes.

Future Google form submits are now going to initiate automatic email responses.