Repeat Template Within Page

How do I duplicate my template multiple times in a single page?

This article describes how to repeat the contents of a Google Docs template multiple times within a single page to maximise paper use when creating school report cards, certificates, tickets, etc.

Applicable to the Google Docs Add-on Only

Step 1

In Google Docs, create your template and insert your *|merge fields|*, as required.

NOTE A): Only place the template with its merge fields ONCE in your page. Do not repeat the template multiple times on the page as you may have done in Microsoft Word.

NOTE B): The template height should be adjusted so that you will always get the same number of tempaltes per page. The example below is designed to fit three Report Cards per page.

Step 2

Open the Options window by clicking the button in the Mail Merge sidebar.

Step 3

Select No from the Add Page Break drop-down.

By default, each row is merged to a new page. However, removing the page break will allow you to replicate the contents of your document template on a single page within the merged document.

Step 4

Click Save to apply changes.

An example of repeated merged content within a single page can be seen in the screenshot below.

Try Avery Label Merge

Avery Label Merge is a fully-fledged add-on specifically designed to create and merge labels. This tool provides features suited to label-making which are not found in Mail Merge, such as a multi-column layout.

You can try Avery Label Merge today by clicking on the link below.