Merge to PDF Files from Google Docs

How to merge to PDF files from Google Docs?

This article describes how to merge Google Docs templates directly to PDF format removing the need to convert each file individually.

Available from only Google Docs

Step 1: Type document template in Google Docs

Type your document template in Google Docs (see the example document template in the screenshot below).

This serves as the basis for your online PDF mail merge.

Step 2: Click Options

Click on Options in the Mail Merge sidebar to open the Options dialog box.

Step 3: Select Multiple Documents

Select Multiple Documents from the Merge Letters Into drop-down menu.

This enables a mail merge to separate PDF files.

Step 4: Select Yes from Save to PDF drop-down menu

Select Yes from the Save to PDF drop-down menu.

This creates individual mail merge PDF files, in addition to the default Google Docs format.

You also have the option to set one of your *|merge fields|* as the file name when you save your separate PDF mail merge documents using the Merged Document Name drop-down menu (e.g., Company Name).

Step 5: Click My Drive

Click on My Drive under Save Merged Files To.

From here you can select a Google Drive folder in which to save your individual mail merge PDF documents (e.g., Merged Certificates).

Step 6: Click Save

Click on Save to save your PDF mail merge to individual letters or certificates.

Step 7: Select Letters & click Merge

Select Letters from the Merge To list and then click on Merge.

This begins your free PDF mail merge and create separate PDF documents.

Successful merge message with a link to the Merged Certificates folder

Merged Certificates folder with merged Google Docs and PDF files, and the Company Name as the file name