Merge Images into Slides

How do I dynamically mail merge images into Google Slides Presentation files?

This article describes how to merge images that have a public URL into Google Slides Presentation files. Such images can come from Google Search, Google Drive or other public websites.

NOTE: If you wish to merge images to emails with personalized PDF attachments, please refer to the main Merge Images article.

Applicable to the Google Slides Add-on Only

Step 1

In Google Sheets, create a new column and name it whatever you want, but include the tag <img>, e.g. Picture <img>

Step 2

Paste your image URL in the applicable cells of your new column (with the <img> tag).

Your image URL can come from a variety of sources, such as Google Search, Google Drive or other public websites. Please refer to the Obtain Your Image URL section of the main Merge Images article to find out how to obtain your image URL.

Repeat the steps above for each image that you want to merge.

Step 3

In your merge template, insert your image *|merge field|* into your Google Slides template by selecting your image *|merge field|* from the Merge Field drop-down and clicking Add.

This will insert an image merge placeholder into your template, which can be resized as required. When you complete your merge, the image merge placeholder will be replaced with your merged images (see the screenshots below).

Repeat this step for all required image *|merge fields|*.

Merge Template

Merged Content