Remove Extra Blank Pages

How to remove extra blank pages when mail merging to letters?

This article describes how to remove unwanted/extra blank pages that may appear when merging document templates from Google Docs.

Applicable to only Google Docs


NOTE: The information below is applicable to merging to letters only because the issues discussed do not affect merging to emails.

If your Google Docs template contains text (or even blank lines) close to the page footer, it is likely that a blank page can appear between each letter in your merged document. This happens because the merged text in your merged letter generally takes up more space than the *|merge fields|* in your merge template, and so the merged text increases the height of your merged letter. As a result, some of the content or its page break spills onto a new page (see the screenshots below).

Merge Template (Problem)

Merged Letter (Problem)


You can move your content away from the bottom line of the document, or reduce the content or font size in your letter template so that you leave enough room for growth at the bottom of the page when the merged text is inserted. To specify the size of an image, read this article.

Merge Template (Work-around)

Merged Letter (Work-around)

If a blank page appears consistently between each letter, click on Options in the Mail Merge sidebar to open the Options dialog box .

In the Options dialog box, select No from the Add Page Break drop-down menu (see screenshot below).