Create an Address Book

How do I create a phonebook or contact directory?

This article describes how to create an address book document from Google Docs.

Option A: Using the Mail Merge Add-on for Google Docs

Step 1

In Google Docs, create your address book template.

Click Format > Columns and then select either two or three columns (depending on how many columns you want in your address book).

Alternatively, you can make a copy of this read-only sample address book template and modify it to your needs; this will help you avoid some common mistakes.

Step 2

Start the Mail Merge add-on and setup your sheet as normal.

Step 3

Enter a document title in the header, if required, and insert your *|merge field|* into the first column by selecting a field from the Merge Field drop-down and clicking Add.

Repeat for as many *|merge fields|* as required and format the template according to your requirements.

Step 4

Open the Options window by clicking the button in the Mail Merge sidebar.

Step 5

Select No from the Add Page Break drop-down.

Step 6

Click Save to apply changes.

Step 7

It would make sense to sort the data in your Google Sheet alphabetically by name.

In the example below, we have created a new column called L which holds the first letter of the name, for ease of reference in the address book. The formula to populate the L column is shown in the screenshot below. There is a corresponding L *|merge field|* in the sample address book template.

These steps are optional - skip to Step 9 if you do not wish to use the L column.

Step 8

Apply the formula to the rest of the cells in the column, by dragging the first cell downward from the bottom-right corner.

Step 9

Create a filter by highlighting your column titles and clicking Data > Create a Filter.

Step 10

Sort the Name column alphabetically by clicking the Filter button and selecting Sort A to Z.

Step 11

In Google Docs, select Letters under Merge To and press the Merge button.

NOTE: Any *|merge field|* without a value in your Google Sheet will be automatically removed.

The merged address book will appear as in the screenshot below when using the sample address book template.

Option B: Using the Phone Book Add-on

Step 1

Install the Phone Book add-on by following the steps in this article.

Alternatively, you can install the add-on directly from Google Workspace Marketplace.

Step 2

Create a phonebook by following the steps in this article.

The add-on enables you to import all contacts or contacts with a particular label, and allows you to select the data fields that you would like to import for your contacts.

Phone Book

Allows you to create a phonebook in Google Docs using your Google Contacts